Friday, December 18, 2009

Call for nonprofits! Sign-up now for "Peter's Tees For A Cause"

Our passion goes way beyond fashion at Peter's Path store. We're out to change the world one garment at a time, too. So, we're selling US Aid tees and offering your caring organization a nice percentage of the profits. Not to mention, the Ugandan made shirts also help poverty stricken Africans. Here's how the program works.

Step one: We offer a selection of 100% organic cotton tees with beautiful designs like the one you see here. The shirts retail for 24.00 (short sleeved) and 26.00 (long sleeved).

Step two: Your organization is one of 12 selected for the monthly t-shirt program. Hint. Hint. First come. First serve. So, email us asap with your nonprofit information:

Step three:
For one month, your 501(c)(3) receives 10.00 for every t-shirt sale as well as promotion on our blog, tweets, facebook page, e-newsletter and in-store signage.

Step four:
We kindly ask that you provide a link to as well as information about this Cause Marketing promotion in any other marketing materials available to you. After all, the more you can promote this program on your end, the more tee-shirt sales and goodwill for your organization!

Step five
: Your nonprofit makes money from one whole month of tee-shirt sales at our shop, plus invaluable marketing support to boot.
Peter's Path Store feels happy from our Fidel hatted head to our Alegria clogged toes knowing we've helped out your cause. Because that, and fashion, are quite simply, our passion.

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