Monday, December 7, 2009

Peters Path Store. The perfect "mother-daughter" or "friend-friend" holiday outing

One thing I've always loved about the holidays was spending time with my mom.

My first memories of shopping with her begin circa late 1960's on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver.

One year, she took me to this beautiful boutique--there were no Walmarts back then. We picked out a double breasted wool coat in ivory with a matching faux fur collar. As we walked out of the store at night, I recall the glistening holiday lights and the yuletide music being sung by carolers. It was a magical time. I think we went to Woolworth's lunch counter for a shake afterwards. Probably cost my mom 50 cents.

In later years during and after college, my mother and I would head to Tamarac Square (also in Denver) where we'd shop for ourselves and others just a bit, too. The afternoon would usually end at a little french bistro nibbling on croissant sandwiches while sipping coffee and Kahlua topped with whipped cream.

Skip ahead to current days. I've moved to Georgia and my mom still lives in Colorado. I miss her so much and wish we could be together this holiday season. I know exactly what we'd do. First, we'd head to downtown historic Lawrenceville for lunch. We'd find a great parking space, because street parking is free in downtown. We'd either go to Dominicks for pasta and vino or head to McCrays for a soup and sandwich. Next, we'd stroll along the square in Lawrenceville and visit the Aurora Theatre Festival of Trees. Finally, we'd walk down to our main destination at 164 E. Crogan Street. We'd open the door under the yellow awning and enter Peter's Path Store, a boutique like no other for fashion conscious women and girls who won't settle for anything less but tres chic!

For instance, did you know that Peter's Path has beautiful wooden hand painted rings for only 7.00? Or what about soft cami's, oh so perfectly layered under a blouse or jacket as a holiday outfit accent. They're only 12.00 each. Unbelievable. It's these kind of prices and lots of beautiful items, that will keep you enthralled at every turn.

Peter's Path is truly like going into a candy shop for the funky, creative, fashion conscious girl at heart.

You can just thank Christine Peters and Ronda Balfe who both have a certain knack for finding special items from the funky to a twist on comfort and style. While this may sound like a cliche', Peter's Path has something for every girl. Be it an Allegria mary jane, LTB jeans, Johnny Was embroidered tops or hip baseball hats. I know my Mom would buy me an outfit at Peter's Path and she'd end up with something funky too. She's now 70, but so ageless and youthfully spirited as all of us girls should be! So, Peter's Path is the perfect place for her too, with its easy going sweaters and such.

My mom would also appreciate that Peter's Path does complimentary gift wrapping, too. She'd say, "you don't get that kind of service at Macy's." Yes, mothers just have a way of knowing everything, don't they? So I hope you get to spend some time with yours this holiday season. And that you two get to visit Peter's Path together. Not only will you find the best stocking stuffers and holiday outfits, you'll also enjoy the atmosphere and holiday spirit that's Peter's Path Store. Since, my mom's not here, I guess I'll just have to treat myself to Peter's Path solo or bring a friend. See you there and happy holidays.

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