Friday, April 16, 2010

I Francophiled myself at Peters Path Store. (You can too.)

French women have a way of turning an ordinary outfit like a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt into an outfit tres chic. How do they do it? By adding just one thing. Just one. In fact, it was basically Coco Chanel's rule to get dressed as normal. And then, to edit your outfit, thus making a fashion statement with that one special thing. It could be a pin. It could be a hat. It could be a special belt. Whatever "it" is, in singling out that one accessory, you, the fashionista, truly can make a statement of style. Peters Path Store gets this "French" thing. In fact, they've just brought in an abundance of lightweight and colorful scarves 14.00 and up, ready to swoosh over your shoulder, beautifully bow-tie under your chin. or drape around your neck instead of pearls. I must admit, as a total Francophile and the cartoonist of Chloe Pink, I could NOT resist a candy pink cotton scarf embellished with tiny pink pompoms. So, so french! I love it so much, I wear it when I blog and I wear it when I jog. I wear it as I nibble croissants and sip espresso in the historic downtown Lawrenceville Square. Because suddenly, you know what happens? I am in Paris!
But if scarfs aren't your thing, Peters Path has other accessories: belts --choose the belt strap, choose the buckle -- pins, fab new jewelry from Michele Augusta and more! They even have colorful dishwashing gloves with daisies for the picking. I mean, why stop being a glam girl or get dishpan hands just 'cuz you're left to scrub off last night's Carbonnade de Boeuf from your 5.5 quart Le Creuset. You know who woulda' loved these? Julia Childs. I digress...Just know there are so many affordable and unique ways to make your spring 2010 fashion statement at Peters Path Store--also known as my absolute favorite boutique. And if that word, (boutique) isn't French, I don't know what is!


  1. I LOVE the idea of finishing an outfit with a belt or scarf. Lately, I almost feel naked if I don't have my favorite scarf on. It matches every piece of clothing I have in my wardrobe, so it is seldom that I'm seen without it! Great article...I'll be in for a new belt and maybe a new (favorite) scarf!

  2. Thanks Christina. Do you have a favorite "scarf" accessorized outfit? A perfect way to tie or wear your scarves?

  3. A nice collection. It's very important to maintain the wardrobe to suit your outfit so as to present yourself in the outer world. Thanks for some exciting collections.