Friday, January 15, 2010

These boots were made for networking at Peters Path Store

The second Thursday night of January was a tad chilly in Lawrenceville, GA. But that didn't stop the droves of well heeled Gwinnetian women from coming out to Peters Path Store's first shindig of 2010.

They'd learned of the event as readers of Peter's Path blog, as Facebook fans, Twitter followers and friends who just can't get enough of the latest fashions at the stylish boutique in the downtown square.

Adorned in sleek boots, scarves, winter coats and skinny jeans, the femmes in their 20's-60's came for some new year's cheer. Not to mention a little pre-promised motivation from Kim Cosette, Certified Professional Organizer and Elizabeth Jaeger, personal fitness trainer.

To get the party started, PPS's hostesses with the mostesses, Christine Peters and Ronda Balfe catered in tres cute kitchy snacks. (The unexpected tex mex shrimp dip and BBQ meatballs get two thumbs up from this writer, btw.) And next to the hors d's spread was a sweet little wine bar of reds, whites and pinks, plus a cooler below for suds sippin' chicks.

"I enjoy having these events because I love introducing my friends to people I think they'd enjoy knowing," explains Christine Peters, President/Founder of Peters Path Store. "I think everybody has a unique story and gift to share."

Case in point, one such tale was shared by a Lawrenceville woman who said her spouse had been laid off. Her personal networking consisted of distributing his "handyman" business cards. The group roared when she pleaded, "Please give my husband some work and help get him out of the house!"

Other highlights of the evening included nutritional food and grocery shopping advice from fit and svelte Elizabeth Jaeger. (If you're looking for someone to get you off your duff, I sense that just might be your girl. ) The ultra self-disciplined fitness trainer suggested that even women who don't commute to work should pack a cooler when running long errands. "Put carrots and healthy snacks in it," she said. "That way you won't be tempted to stop for fast food."

Continuing the food theme of the evening, Kim Cossette, professional organizer explained how to tidy up your kitchen. "We take up a lot of unneeded room there with big gadgets we never use," she explained. "We need to become more conscious of our space, claim it and make it our own. Because it is." One clever secret she divulged was to put all of your supplies in one easy-to- get-to-container, ie: bread making or pasta making tools and ingredients. To summon Kim's help, email her:

"I can say Kim has helped me get organized and improved my life," says Christine Peters. "There are so many ways we women can help each other -- not just in business, but in relationships, raising children, going through hard times and more. Peters Path Store is a great venue to do that!"

To find out about the next Peters Path Networking soiree, follow @PetersPathStore on Twitter or join their fan page on Facebook.

Peters Path Store's flagship boutique at 164 E. Crogan in Lawrenceville offers clothing, accessories and items for the home. Winter hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30-6. And as if their hospitality isn't enough, a portion of every sale benefits charitable organizations. Fashionista devotees to the chic boutique and its hip brands can also shop 24/7 at their online store.

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