Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beautiful jewelry that empowers and inspires

When I first heard the story of Acholi Beads from my partner, Christine (the founder of Peters Path), I was completely moved. In this world, where we often complain about the "little things", this is truly a survival story with a beautiful outcome.

Acholi Beads are handcrafted beads made from recycled paper. The beads are created by the women of the Acholi Tribe. The Acholi Tribe fled a brutal civil war in the north of Uganda that ravaged their community for decades. Everyone in their tribe lost someone to violence, hunger or lack of necessary medicine. They ended up in a hillside slum just outside of Uganda’s capital, where the only way they could feed their families and the orphans they cared for was working in a dangerous rock quarry, crushing rocks for $1 per day - the international standard for Extreme Poverty. Now these women earn a professional wage through fair trade making Acholi Beads. They are able to feed their families, send their children to school and they have paved the stepping stones to their future.

We love the charm and beautiful versatility of these beads. Wear them long, doubled, triple or single strand. Make sure you tell the story of Acholi Beads to everyone who comments on them, and remember your purchase has made a difference in the world.

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