Saturday, April 11, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I'm a big fan of cool, funky art with inspirational sayings. Emphasis on cool and funky. These days, it seems "phrase art" is a bit ubiquitious, and sometimes pretty hokey.

However, I do like pieces that are intriguing or have phrases that either motivate or inspire me. One such piece is a canvas giclee by a hip company called Papaya Art that hangs in my downstairs parlor room (my posh way of saying bathroom). It's a beautiful image of a woman with dreads tied in a headwrap that doesn't quite seem to match her vintage-looking profile. The words "Dream", "Imagine", "Create" and "Expand" hover over one of my favorite sayings of all time, "Follow Your Bliss". I have to remind myself to do that a lot when life starts to weigh heavily on me.

Find something that inspires you daily, whether it's art, music, poetry or nature. Use that inspiration to guide you and you'll see you're following your bliss, too.

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