Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peters Path Lauches Website!

We are officially live! We have so many exciting things happening and we're receiving some very positive feedback on our site. Now we just need help spreading the word! We'll begin a PR campaign in the next week, and of course, we've turned into social media addicts. We're tweeting on Twitter (follow us), posting on Facebook (become a fan!).

Soon, we'll announce some really cool charity projects we have in the pipeline, so keep on the lookout. Tonight, Christine is attending a premiere of "A Powerful Noise", a documentary that explores the lives of women who face seemingly unsurmountable daily challenges. The film chronicles their significant victories over poverty and oppression. Christine and Ronda met one of the film's producers recently, and we're hoping to become much more involved with organizations dedicated to fighting poverty and empowering women. Hopefully, Christine will 'tweet' from the premiere!

One cool design note: We have a fabtastic relationship with a local design college, Bauder College, from which we scoop up our hardworking, talented interns. The designers in training there are working on a super cool project: taking our organic tees (incredibly soft, sourced fair trade from Uganda) and repurposing them into their own creations. Daring, hip and oh so unique, to say the least. We've posted some pics and can't wait to see the final productions. Stay tuned to the blog for more!

Keep spreading the good vibes on Peters Path and check frequently, we're adding cool new items all the time!

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  1. what is your flicker address? I Tweet too, but I can't find you. I looked up Peters Path on Twitter - Can you send the URL?